Sun Valley Auto Club


Automobile Detailing

We love automobiles; that’s why we are in this business. We like them to perform at their top level. We like them to look beautiful. Don’t believe us? Come down and take a look at our “showroom.” You’ll find spectacular cars with exquisite detailing. We don’t even own the cars, and we make sure they look better than they did on day one. Our auto detailing services can be broken down into two categories:


Light Detail: Recommended every 3 months

  • Hand wash including tire treatment
  • Interior cleaning
  • Glass cleaning


Full Detail: Recommended every 6 months

  • Hand wash, including tire treatment
  • Hand-applied wax
  • Carpet extraction
  • Interior cleaning
  • Glass cleaning


Aircraft Detailing

Being located so close to the Atlantic private air terminal, The Sun Valley Auto Club years ago established the capability and expertise to provide premium aircraft detailing. Our team handles everything from  backcountry Cessna 206s, to  King Airs, to Gulfstream IIs or bigger. Simply call us, and we will arrange the rest.