Sun Valley Auto Club



We, of course, feel that we deliver great workmanship. But it’s really not up to us. Our customers make that call. So, here we have collected some of their comments for review.


“At the beginning of the summer I had my Volvo and Landcruiser repaired at your facility. I had several misdiagnoses of problems by other shops. Wolfgang took the time to correctly diagnose and painstakingly (it had to be)  repair our family transportation.  The repairs are first rate.  I have finally found people I can trust to repair our cars, and it is a great relief.  Both the expert repair and the time taken to see that all is well is rare.  Thank you.

–Steve Kirk., Hailey, ID September 2013


“Terrific job on the Yellow Peril. It looks so good I hate to drive it. 

–Terry O’Relly., Hailey, ID September 2013


“I feel like I have a brand new car. And if you are lucky enough to know what a new car feels like, you know I’m feeling pretty stinking good! The detail from Sun Valley Auto Club far exceeded my expectations….which isn’t any easy task. Cloud nine has arrived in Jeep formation. Stupendously happy. I’m a forever customer, for this day out. And the Cadillac I got to borrow was defiantly the sugar on top of all it.”

—Amber P., Hailey , ID  June 2013


I took my car into the Auto Club for an oil change. The maintenance book said I would need to change the transmission fluid. Brent checked it and saw that it was virtually brand new. Told me it was a waste of money to change it then. I know that if I had taken it to the dealer they would have just changed it anyway and racked up the bill. They don’t do that at the Auto Club. You can trust them to do the work that’s needed and not jerk you around.”

—Chris T. , Hailey, ID, January 2013


“Great place to store your car and detailing!”

—Debra R.V., Boise, ID, March 2012


“Great cars, great facilities, and great people!”

—Matthew C., Ketchum, ID, August 2011